Zugspitz Ultratrail 2024

Distanz 106 km, 5080 m+

Zugspitz Ultratrail 106km Ultratrail Trailrunning Garmisch-Partenkirchen

On the Ultratrail distance, participants have to climb around 106 km and climb up around 5080 meters in altitude. Some of the most beautiful trail running sections in the entire Alpine region await you. Among other things, the Zugspitze (at 2962 meters high, Germany's highest mountain) is circled, but at the same time the entire Wetterstein Mountains are circled. There are a total of ten refreshment points along the route.

106 km, 5080 HM
My racetime 20h48
Time Limit 27hS

Starter men 575
My Rank over all 272
My Rank in categorie 37
DNF 99 runners - 17%